Top 7 Best Massage Chairs In India For 2021

Top 7 Best Massage Chairs ( August 2021) | India

Searching For The Best Massage Chairs In Market ? So, after the long search we have found the list of these Top 7 Best Massage Chairs In India For 2021 with the Buying Guide

1. Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455

Top 7 Best Massage Chairs ( August 2021) | India
Price : ₹1,25,000.00
  • Lixo LI4455 is a automatic & comfortable S & L Track design massage Chair
  • The Touch and Go six Automatic
  • Own Massage Spa Manual Customization
  • Two Kinds Of Zero Gravity : Adjust the legs to a condition of 126 degrees + 7 degrees with the whole body. Adjust the legs and body to a higher Angle
  • 6 Massage Techniques – Hard Kneading, Soft Kneading, Malaxation, Shiatsu, Rollback, Tapping, Massage Speed, Back Position Adjustment, 3 Massage Zones, Massage Range, Foot Roller
  • The massage chair is electric and is best suitable for every age group people to use it.

The Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455 is a automatic and comfortable S & L Track design. The L- Track extends high- performance coverage from neck and shoulders all the way down to waist and thighs, the S- Track matches the body curve closely. Footrest with underfoot rolling massage.

Graphene Thermostatic Hot Compress – Using the advanced heating technology in about 10 seconds you’ll feel warm from the waist and back and get pain relief for the home /office full body, special relief for legs.

Two Kinds Of Zero Gravity :

  • 1 . Adjust the legs to a condition of 126 degrees + 7 degrees with the whole body, so that the weight of the whole body is evenly distribute in the electric massage chair recliner.
  • 2 . Adjust the legs and body to a higher Angle, so that the whole body is position in a flat zero- gravity posture for pain relief. Best airbags surrounds your body that expands and compresses. flapping and kneading.

The Touch and Go six Automatic – classic massage procedures. Exercise & Recovery, Body Stimulator, Work Decompression, Shoulder & Neck Massage, Sleeping Accelerator Lumbar Spine Massage.

Space Capsule seat design – The inside and outside High tech style of this massage chair is different from the design and style of the ordinary traditional massage chair. Also this massage chair adopts the minimalist curved design of the space capsule- type.

Own Massage Spa Manual Customization – customize your own message with the manual mode as regular and fixed massage procedures may not be able to meet your needs. The massage procedure is a bit fast, the back kneads deeply and massages every position in the same force.

6 Massage Techniques – Hard Kneading, Soft Kneading, Malaxation, Shiatsu, Rollback, Tapping, Massage Speed, Back Position Adjustment, 3 Massage Zones, Massage Range, and also Foot Roller

2. JSB MZ08 Full Body Massage Chair 

Top 7 Best Massage Chairs ( August 2021) | India

Price : ₹1,88,000.00
  • Full Body Home Massage Chair with Luxury 3D Space Saving Design
  • Shoulder Width Adjustment Possible as per User’s Chest Width
  • Also Adjust the shoulder airbags manually as per user’s shoulder width
  • 5 Auto Modes : Ache Relief, Comfort, Demo Relax, Upper Body & Lower Body
  • You can increase or decrease the intensity of rollers and increase or decrease air pressure of air bags as per requirement
  • Zero Gravity Massage for Full Body Relaxation and De-Stress
  • Expert STRECHTING MASSAGE for Back and Leg: Excellent for Reliving Early Morning Body Stiffness.

It is commonly seen that elderly people are highly prone to health issues. Body pain is widespread among these adults. No matter what activity they perform, they are prone to body pain.

They require regular massage to get relief from this pain and muscle stiffness. Joint Pain problem is the most common case seen among elderly people.

Be it the knee pain, neck pain, lower back pain or any other health issues; it is vital to keep the body relaxed and stress- free. If someone in your family, especially the elderly, is suffering from chronic pain issues, then relaxing on JSB MZ08 Massage Chair for Home Full Body is the right massage chair to buy.

With smart urban design and multiple features, JSB MZ08 offers a complete massaging experience to your body. If you or any of your family member is facing chronic pain issue, then investing in the JSB MZ08 massage chair for home relax is the right product.

This massage chair does not just relax your body but also pushes the smooth blood flow throughout the body.

3. KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair

Top 7 Best Massage Chairs ( August 2021) | India
Price : ₹96,900.00
  • Massage Techniques : Knocking, Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Air Pressure, Heating and massaging on neck, back, waist and hips can eliminate whole body’s fatigue.
  • Air Bag with Heat Therapy : There are total 35 air bags which are strategically located in the arms, thighs, calves and feet.
  • Control Panel : Control with wide angle VFD display, active flip cover, intelligent sound & light navigation system.
  • Recliner & Extendable Footrest : Adjust backrest and legrest with electric actuator; angle of backrest and legrest can be freely adjusted, which is more humanized.

The KosmoCare Full Body Massager has 6 seat airbags & 24 legrest airbags in it. 6 airbags on two sides of the seat, you can choose different modes by pressing a button to relax easily. The legrest and footrest give your shanks and feet pulse compression massage, which improves blood circulation which enhances the massage experience.

5 Massage Techniques

Rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping and massaging on head, neck, back, waist and hips can eliminate the whole body’s fatigue. The S-shaped back rail of our KosmoCare Massage Chair meets the human body’s curve. The four-roller massage of the chair gives you a perfect massage and comfortable feeling.

Adjustable Backrest & Legrest

The Full Body Massage Chair has an adjustable backrest and legrest with electric actuator. The footrest can be flexibly stretched out or drawn back within 13.50 cm, ideal for people of different body height. It provides you an ideal massage, whether you want to recover fatigue, relieves pain or just soothe yourself.

It improves the circulation of blood brings nutrients to the bones for a stronger, healthier skeletal system. Muscles are relaxed, reducing muscular tension. Stress is alleviated, resulting in a healthier nervous system.

Control Panel with Wide Angle VFD Display

The KosmoCare Body Massager has an active flip cover, intelligent sound & light navigation system. The buttons perfectly differentiate the colors and graphics of all the functions and features of the massage chair.

It has 5 massage techniques to enhance flexibility and present you blissful relaxation. The gentle heating of waist and foot further soothes aches and enhances blood circulation, which in a way enhances the massage experience.

4. JSB MZ24 Zero Gravity 3D Full Body

Top 7 Best Massage Chairs ( August 2021) | India
Price : ₹2,38,000.00
  • Full Body Home Massage Chair Zero Gravity with Long Reaching 3D Rollers from Neck to Buttocks with Zero Gravity Recline ; Shoulder Roller Width Adjustment according to User Width
  • Air Bag Massage on : Shoulder, Arms, Calves & Foot ; Dedicated Foot Scraping Massage with Feet & Ankle Heating
  • Calf Rubbing & Nodal Acupressure Massage for Better Blood Circulation ; Full Body Massage Chair for Home with 12 Auto Modes : It is Easy to Find a Mode Most Suited for Your Needs
  • 2in1 Controls : Control through Highly Interactive Remote or VOICE COMMAND ; Listen to Your Favourite Music Through MP3 or Bluetooth Sync with this massage chair for home

Stress is something that can take a toll on our daily life. Unfortunately, It this fast going people ignore the stress and work load on their body due to time. If you are among them, then the JSB MZ24 Sleek Capsule Shaped Full Body Massage Chair is just made for you. 

This zero gravity full body massage chair for home is designed with perfection to cover all muscle aches of your body. The best thing about this electric massage chair machine is that you can use it while watching your favourite shows on TV.

After the long hectic day, our body needs relaxation. If you want to give your body relaxation in a better way, then the best is to sit on the massage chair.

Having lots of massage modes to choose from , the full body massage chair for home relax the ultimate destination to de-stress yourself.

The Benefits :

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • It gives you the proper foot care
  • We Care for your Back
  • It Pain Relief
  • It gives you the Full body Relaxation

5. Irest Full body Massage Chair A-300 

Price : ₹1,40,000.00
  • ARMREST: Convenient storage box , put your mobile or remote control HIP : Detachable Seat Cushion
  • FOOT: Magnetic Sole roller massage, The heel is fitted with a 300 CC permanent magnet,which stimulates the reflex points Of the hands and feet.
  • AIR PRESSURE MASSAGE: 20 pcs airbags for wholebody massage, air pressure intensity freely adjust, compaction, pause or relax mode for great feeling.

Irest A-300 Full body Massage Chair 

  • Foot Airbag Compression : The Airbag wrap the entire instep for a pressure massage.
  • Thai Foot Guasha Massage : Using the innovative foot roller massage techniques, massage the soles of the foot, or soft or strong intensity, to make the foot massage more comfortable.
  • Calf Shape : Firming calf muscles, relaxing calf, shaping calf.
  • Leg Airbag Massage : The airbag compresses the leg muscles and relief the soreness of the legs.

Exclusive Massage Program – Suit Different Group Of People

It Is equipped with the six massage programs setting your, own personalized massage experience get rid of fatigues in 20 minutes and enjoy the custom comfort experience.

  • 1. Full Body Rush Group :
    • Intelligent 2D massage system combine professional massage techniques to massage chairs to massage achieve multi- dimensional and aspect massage, to help relieve your fatiques after a long day work.
  • 2. Stretch Beauty Love Group :
    • Designed for relieve pain and stiffness on muscles specially, similar to scraping therapy, stretch back muscles loosen muscles and bone, relieve fatique.
  • 3. Relax Campaign Group :
    • Scientific 20 minutes automatic massage program, can massage focus on your fatique points, provide the healthy service for your whole body.
  • 4. Back & Waist House Group :
    • Ease up massage on back and waist, active ligament on lumbar and thoracic, loosen your muscles stiffness enjoying wonderful massage.
  • 5. Neck & Shoulder- Computer Group :
    • Comfortable neck and shoulder auto massage mode, make you have fun when enjoy massage, expel aches on cervical vertebra easily.
  • 6. Comfort- Old Age Group :
    • Complete real pressure massage design from neck to sole, arm to your finger tips will provide you with incomparable full- body massage experience and fully relieve skin

6. Real Relax 2020 S-Track Massage Chair

Price : ₹2,52,989.33
  • 3D robots hand rollers massages from neck to waist, 3 widths adjustable
  • Unique Rocking Chair Mode and Thai stretch mode
  • Full body air massage, 50 airbags placed to arms, shoulder, hips, and foot
  • One-button zero gravity design, heating function, foot roller, Bluetooth, and HI-FI speakers
  • Height limit; 6.1 foot, weight limit: 400 pounds, provide 24-hour email customer service
  • Equipped with heating system, to promote blood circulation and provides constant temperature to let you have a safe and comfortable heating experience. 
  • Bluetooth music play, adjustable roller and airbag speed(hi/mid/slow),manual function,15-30mins timer

RealRelax 3D Full- Body Advanced Massage Chair : SS02 is the newest design for 2020.S-track with 4 robot- hand rollers along with full-body airbags massage system that to give you the best massage experience due to its amazing features. 

3D Robot Hands inside of the backrest work with S-TRACK moving from neck to waist.provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to hip.Our robot-hand rollers have up to 12 different massage techniques. 

Zero Gravity with Armrest- Linkage System :

One-button zero-gravity design, release neck pressure and reduce heat load, bring an unprecedented massage experience. 

The armrest- linkage system can keep your arm in the armrest with airbags all the time during Zero Gravity. 

The 6 Unique Auto Programs :

6 preset auto massage programs have different massage methods including the special Thai stretch massage and Chinese acupoint massage 

Full- Body Airbag system :

Unique air pressure system. The shoulders, waist, arms, legs, and feet are all equipped with airbags. By inflating and deflating, provide full body massage experience, help to relax the body and relieve fatigue. 

Foot massage system :

Foot roller system provides a Thai type scrapping massage, brings unprecedented comfort and enjoyment, helps relieve foot stress and improves night sleep quality. 

It is equipped with heating system, to promote blood circulation and provides constant temperature to let you have a safe and comfortable heating experience. 

7. Lixo – LI7001 Massage Chair

Price : ₹3,99,000.00
  • Deep Tissue Massage Mechanism – Pinpoint shoulder positioning technology, deep tissue massage, Shoulder pressing massage, Pushing- up massage for back. The Specialized Waist and Spine Massage Mechanism.
  • It is equipped with the various types of massages. So, it automatically detect the position of the height.
  • Manual massage technique as Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Sync, Knocking and 3D Shiatsu.
  • The Dual Core system – pristine massage for much needed areas like the neck, shoulder, back, and the waist, feels like four hand human massage.
  • The Knee Massage – Unique movable upper leg part for the knee vehement massage. Also the Adjustable heating therapy.

The Lixo – LI7001 massage chair is designed with multiple massage mechanisms and is one of the best massage chairs for full body pain relief. It’s also the most preferred massage chair for home that benefits the full body for the users.

Armrest quick control buttons Touch screen controller Wireless charge technology Surrounding stereo speaker Premium Zero Gravity massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Mechanism, Specialized Waist & Spine Massage Mechanism, Artificial Intelligence Double Sensing System, Innovative massage techniques.

Super Flexible Track Graphene ultrafast heat up One press control sliding wall hugger design Bi-direction stretch patented footrest.

The full body massage chair is the high end configuration and comfort. It’s also one of the best massage chairs for the office.

30+ Innovative Massage Techniques

The ultimate massage experience for an active life HybriFlex – the innovative bendable flexible massage track FullBodyReach – Multistroke 6-Roller System.

The massage chair zero gravity with multiple massage technique offers the ultimate massage experience for an active life. The massage chair is also best for Physiotherapy.

Body Stretching, Dual-core system, Massage intensity adjustment, Knee Massage, Adjustable heating therapy.

The massage chair electric is automatic and supp

Buying Guide :

Above in the article, we mentioned the best full-body massagers available in the Indian market. But even in such a narrow list, making the choice of the best one becomes difficult. Most of these chairs do cost thousands; hence one needs to be very careful with the selection. To help you select the best possible massage chair, here we have a buyer’s guide for you-

  • Type– Basically, massage chairs are of three different types. It can be a 2D, 3D, or 4D type of chair. A 2D chair is basically one that massages only on the upper surface of the muscles. A 3D chair can help in massaging the underlying layers. But a 4D chair can help in massaging the deep tissues. Now all these chairs are good in use, but the price varies accordingly. Hence the selection depends on your need and budget.
  • Calf- Calf muscles are some of the most sensitive muscles in the human body. The lactic acid accumulation in these muscles can cause a lot of pain. Many chairs have special attachments for chairs, and these attachments can really help in handling the stress on the calf. Try getting such attachments.
  • Heat- As mentioned in many chairs above, heat becomes an important factor in relaxing muscles. With extra heat in regions that need stretching, you can get ready for massage without any cramps. It is very healthy for the body and doubles the benefits of massage chairs.
  • Airbags– Most of the smart massage chairs have airbags in them. This allows massaging at different points on the muscles, relaxing them all very smoothly. But try getting a chair that has airbags that can be infrared or deflated according to use. A chair with constant airbag pressure might not be good for every individual.

Advantages of the best massaging chairs in India

Massage is a very old concept that works amazingly with the human body. It provides a lot of health benefits. With the invention of massage chairs, these benefits have even got a boost. Here are some of the best advantages of these chairs-

  • These chairs can increase blood circulation.
  • Obviously, they have a great effect on muscle relaxation.
  • They are easy to install and use.
  • The look of these hairs provides an addition to the furniture section of your house.
  • Rectification of body postures and figures are also seen with these chairs.
  • Nothing can be more relaxing than a body massage after a tiring day at work, so the best advantage probably is the comfort it provides.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are these chairs harmful?

No, these chairs generally are not harmful. Massaging in a limited way is never harmful. But if you are a person who likes to spend all day long on these chairs without breaks, then that can cause problems with the spine. So use it and try to sleep on your bed to be on the safe side.

  1. Are these chairs worth the price?

It really depends on your use and on the need. If your body requires a great massage to charge up, then yes, it’s worth it.

  1. What is the biggest demerit of this machine?

The biggest demerit of this machine is the dependence it creates. It’s really very annoying to be away from the chair once you have the habit of overusing it.


At the end of the article, we can say that massaging chairs in India are among the best accessories that boost up comfort. Most of these chairs come with excellent quality and advanced technology that understands ad treats different bodies in different ways. It is a complete miracle to see them at work. Use it but try limiting the time you spend on the chair for a positive effect. We hope you liked this article.

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