Buy MAXPRO Folding Treadmill with Auto Incline In India

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  • Blue Back Light LCD Display
  • Space Saver and Labor Saver Design
  • Built In Speakers with AUX / USB Connection
  • Wheels – Flexible Mobility
  • The 15 Level Auto Incline


Buy MAXPRO Folding Treadmill with Auto Incline In India

Buy MAXPRO Folding Treadmill with AUX input to listen music from your iPhone or MP3 player while exercising. You can also play music by connecting an USB Pen Drive loaded with your favorite list of MP3 songs

This is our folding treadmill that allows you to exercise at home. Treadmill boasts a concise and innovative design that features space-saving folding design yet reliable, sturdy frame for easy storage.

And you can freely set the running speed according to your needs. It is the perfect tool for losing weight or increasing endurance.

MAXPRO Treadmills :

With an incline of up to 15%, you can make your workout even more varied and effective. Burn even more calories, improve your endurance and strengthen your leg muscles with a higher incline per training unit.

This large Blue back light LCD monitor tracks your Hand pulse/ Speed/ Distance/ Time/ Calories/Incline. Record your progress every day. There are 12 easy-to-use exercise programs, these safe, effective regimens help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, boost your health, and burn fat.

Features :

  • Motor Power : 2.5 HP (5 HP Peak) DC motor ,
  • Display : 5”Blue LCD display, Display reading – Hand Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories ,
  • Running Surface (LxB): 460 x1300 mm,
  • Maximum User Weight : 130 Kg Incline Level- Auto 0-15%, Speed Range : 0.8-16 Km/h,
  • Automatic Oil Lubrication : It help to delivers controlled amounts of lubricant oil to multiple locations on a treadmill while the treadmill is operating
  • Features : Mobile & tablet holder for safe keeping your smart devices while running. USB Port, MP3 Speakers , Easily foldable using soft drop hydraulic system.
  • Assembly Area : 1740x750x1370mm
  • Program : 12 preset workout programs for effective workout, H1-H3 Program. Dual spring shock absorbtion with double layer running board. Wheels for easy transportation


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