10 Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021

Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 - Buying Guide, Prices

No words can explain the comfort you will experience during a relaxing foot massage after a long day at work. If you exercise a lot or are on your feet all day during work, a foot massage is a godsend option to pamper your tired feet. However, if you are not ready to spend a lot on foot spas to relax your aching feet, buy a foot massager to soothe those tired muscles. Foot massagers can helps relieve soreness, stress and knots of the feet while stimulating blood circulation. These devices are an excellent choice for people with plantar fasciitis and diabetes, as its pulsing nodes produce subtle pressure vibrations to work on the ligaments, joints, tendons and connective tissues to relieve pain. Our health and wellness experts have compiled the list that consists of the 10 best foot massagers in India after performing a thorough research on each.

1. JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager

Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 - Buying Guide, Prices

The JSB HF05 leg/ foot massager machine comes with the full flexibility for the users. The users can select between 3 modes of kneading and 3 modes of vibration. Also the massage program can be use by people of all ages : elderly, housewives, working individuals with sitting and standing job.

A massager which can grip foot and calf muscles like HF05 can effectively replicate a massage therapist’s hand massage. The vibration feature adds the value as it helps to improve the blood circulation and relieve tired foot muscles.

Also you can use your JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager while sitting on a chair or while reclining on a sofa as the massager can be reclined up to 45 degrees. The massage program can be use by people of all ages : elderly, housewives, working individuals with sitting and standing job.

The JSB leg massager machine is built considering it might be used by any user. It’s easy to use interface is loved by elderly and housewives alike.

Features :

  • Leg Foot Massager Machine for Pain Relief with Rubber Kneading Pads to Effectively Massage Foot Ankle and Calf at the same time
  • It helps to Promote Blood Circulation in Men and Women ; Effective in Varicose Veins, Foot Pain Calf Pain, Arthiritis, Knee Pain
  • Leg Massager Machine can recline up to 45 degrees : Use while sitting/ reclining
  • Has 3 modes of vibration + 3 modes of kneading, relaxing reflexology vibration plate on sole of foot

2. Lifelong LLM279 Foot Massager 

Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 - Buying Guide, Prices

The Foot Spa is a thrilling device that gives you great value for money. The massager kneads and relaxes your muscles, letting the days worries melt away.

The 4 automatic rollers promote improve blood circulation and soothe pain. The foot massager has 4 manual rollers. These rollers have various points that help in accupuncture and promote blood circulation and soothe pain.

The foot spa machine also creates bubbles. The bubbles aid in getting rid of joint and muscle stiffness. Also this lifelong Foot Massager is designed based on traditional medicine, meridian and magnetic science.

Promotes The Blood Circulation :

Lifelong Foot Spa and Massager promotes proper blood circulation and wellness, easing your mind as well as body of the day’s worries.

Features :

  • Water heating technology : Please add warm or cold water below 30 degrees.
  • Temperature control : with the option of temperature control, you can select the heating temperature of your Preference
  • The default temperature is 35 degrees. It increases by 1 degree. The maximum heating temperature is 48 degrees.
  • Adjustable time : enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home For as long as you want. The appropriate time for a foot Spa is generally 20 minutes.
  • Salon class foot care at home with this pedicure tub
  • Automatic foot rollers : the foot Spa massager has automatic foot rollers. The rollers massage the feet thus giving a more relaxed foot spa experience.

3. Fittyfy Foot Massager 

Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 - Buying Guide, Prices

FITTYFY Foot Massager FFFM- 80H has the 4 motors, that gives you a professional spa- like experience. Its special techniques provide the roller massage to your foot area and effectively squeeze and massage feet, ankles and calf all at the same time.

The FITTYFY Feet, Ankle and Calf Massager comes with the option to use heat and the vibration technologies based on the personal preferences. Also it also gives you an option to target the specific areas of your body which you want the massager to work upon.

Relax and revive yourself anywhere in this stressful world. Foot massager helps you to  relax and get some time to pamper yourself in the most beneficial way. It helps in relieving the stress by working on foot points and legs and carves. Compression ensures the blood flow to the calves and the legs and vibration relaxes tired muscles.

FITTYFY Foot Massager has the 3 Kneading Programs & 3 Vibration Modes ideal for the massage therapy, which help in relieving the muscle tension and ensures the better blood circulation. It also has 15- minute Auto Shut- off function.

It is Useful For :

  • Working Peoples,  Sports Persons,  Elder Patients  and  Housewives.

Benefits :

  • Relieves Foot Pain,  Relieves Calf Pain,  Stimulate Accupressure,  Relives Varicose Veins  and  Increase Blood Circulation.

Features :

  • This foot massager machine can provide the deep kneading, squeezing, rolling, vibration, shiatsu massage with the heating for feet and the calves at the same time.
  • The 𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 provide the full foot and calf coverage and make you feel more comfortable. So, you can use it while reading, watching TV, working in the office or just relaxing at home.
  • The FFFM-80H Massager is completely customizable. Select from 4 unique massage programs and 3 intensity levels – low, medium, or high, depending on your unique massage need. So, you get to have 4 personalized programs of your choice as well.
  • Also it comes with a smoothing heat and vibration function, which can melt fatigue and stress away and gives you a more relaxing foot and calf massage.
  • It’s designed to heat slowly to warm your foot and fix sore muscles. It is programmed with 15 minutes auto shut- off to ensure safety.
  • The LED display with touch button : Displays time and massage modes. Touch button provides easy access.

4. Osim uStiletto Electric Foot Massager

Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 - Buying Guide, Prices

The OSIM uStilettos S- Tone Airbag’s and S- Care Rollers provide a thorough and pampering massage for your legs. You can now indulge in your well- cherished stilettos, live life to the fullest and exude the confidence and beauty of a modern woman. Elegant, Exuding an aura of sophistication, Elegant exemplifies grace and confidence.

Stimulating reflex points on the soles of your feet can make you healthier.

Our Feet are like the command center of the entire body, with reflex points on the soles that correspond to various organs of the body. Each foot represents a vertical half of the body and all organs found there.

Frequent massage of these points benefits the corresponding organs as it helps to relieve tension, and put the body in balance, thus improving overall well- being.

Features :

  • Osim ustilleto electric foot massager for pain releif comes unique design slip into the uStiletto a foot massager machine, anytime round the clock for attractive legs
  • Osim ustilleto electric foot massager for relaxation also helps to relieve pain and improve blood circulation
  • Regular visits to a spa center for a professional for foot massage can be time consuming and costly but having a foot massager machine can help save time

5. AGARO COMFY Air Compression Foot Massager

Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 - Buying Guide, Prices

Air Compression Leg and Foot Massager for the Circulation to Relax the Muscle, Relieve Fatigue and Pain. Also it’s helpful for the legs and feet swelling, tension, varicose veins and the restless leg syndrome, to reduce the pain and the soreness.

Get out of the Fatigue- Good for people who have high labor intensity; high working pressure; stand or sit for a long time; travel frequently; often wear high heel shoes. Also it is good for improving your overall blood circulation – Middle- aged and elderly people; Muscle relaxing- for people who goes to the gym or any other sporting activity.

So, you can take it easily via the storage bag or put it into your suitcase, you and your family can freely use it at home, in the office or on travel.

Features :

  • It helps to reduce the muscle pain, improves the blood circulation, muscle relaxation and also it reduces the swelling
  • It deeply massages your leg, feet and calves through various cyclic massage combinations
  • Comes with 3 massage modes -sequence, circulation and whole along with 3 intensity levels- low, medium and high in each mode which can be used in the different combinations to meet the various massage techniques
  • It is lightweight makes it portable and convenient to carry
  • Also it comes with the adjustable leg wraps with velcro belts
  • The high quality breathable fabric makes it durable, light weight and skin friendly

6. ARG HEALTH CARE C30 Foot Massager

ARG HEALTH CARE Leg and Calf Massager Machine – Massage Your Feet and Calves, Relax Your Whole Body with Heat, Deep Kneading, Vibration. This foot and calf/ leg massager machine can provide the deep kneading, squeezing, rolling, vibration, shiatsu massage with the heating for the feet and calves at the same time.

Also the extended height calf massage area provide full foot and calf coverage and make you feel more comfortable. Advanced 3D Massage Technology can provide Deep Kneading & Squeezing, Reflexology Rolling and Scraping, Shiatsu Massage for feet, calves, toes, sole and thighs at the same time.


It delivers a powerful reflexology massage that brings the body back into its natural state to help to promote the body’s natural healing. Also it works by forcing blood back towards the heart for the improved circulation.


Offers improved circulation, quick recovery for stressed feet, and rejuvenated muscles after long periods of standing. Delivers deeply- penetrating foot massage for optimized relaxation, resulting in instant pain relief.

ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY – Reinforced with a completely adjustable two intensity setting that helps you find the perfect massage pressure for your needs. Features under- foot massage rollers, providing relief to the sole and heel.

Also it is built with the removable easy sleeves for the quick cleaning, so you can keep the massager hygienic. Massages calves in an upward, rolling or “wave- like” fashion, forcing blood away from the feet and toward the body’s core to improve blood flow and wellness.

Features :

  • ARG HEALTH CARE Leg Massager machine C30 can provide deep kneading, squeezing, rolling, vibration, shiatsu massage with heating for feet and calves at the same time.
  • The 𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 provide full foot and calf coverage along with your knees and make you feel more comfortable. So, you can use it while reading, watching TV, working in the office or just relaxing at home.
  • This Leg & Calf Massager Machine revitalize the tired muscles, improves blood circulation, relieve feet and calves stress and pain, allowing for a more restful and deeper sleep!
  • This foot massager adopts the newest advanced 3D massage technology with touch control panel, soft silicone rubber rotation balls, rolling stick massage with smooth heat and vibration, which provides Deep Kneading & Squeezing, Reflexology & Shiatsu Massage for feet, calves, toes, sole and knees at the same time.
  • The soothing heat and vibration function can melt fatigue and stress away and gives you a more relaxing foot and calf massage.
  • The 3 levels massage intensity for feet and calves, you can control the feet and calf massage function separately. Also, the position of the upper part of the leg massager can be adjusted according to your need, suitable for massaging your knees and thighs. It’s programmed with 15 minutes auto shut-off to ensure safety.

7. RoboTouch Pedilax Foot Massager

Robotouch pedilax foot and calf ultimate leg massager includes intense rolling, kneading and vibratory reflexology massage that wheedles pain and tenderness away from your tried calves, feet and ankles. This idyllic massaging and intensity techniques has various benefits.

Pedilax leg massager is soothes, relieves and energies sore and weary feet. This leg and foot massager machine is rejuvenates calves, ankles and feet. Improves circulation to revitalize tried legs by using leg massager. Foot massager recharges the tender feet and calf muscles. Provides instant relief from aches.

Enhances blood circulation. Maintains better tonicity of the muscles. Highly beneficial for diabetics. Airbag leg massager with two section turn over appearance in design. Carbon fiber heating function for thigh and ankle.


  • Breathes life into weary feet
  • Rejuvenates calves, ankles and feet
  • Also it improves the blood circulation
  • Toned, revitalized leg muscles
  • Great therapy for Diabetics
  • Advanced carbon fiber heating to ease muscles
  • Relaxes the body, induces deep sleep

Features :

  • A premium innovative foot, calf and leg massager with 3-automatic reflexology programs, well designed to simulate foot, calf, sole reflex points.
  • Leg massager is very effective in blood circulation for feet, ankles and calves all at the same time relieving muscle pains, stretch and provides immense relaxation, revitalization, rejuvenation to the users.
  • Robust built quality equipment, withstanding high temperature and long lasting, sleek and elegant for all
  • By using leg and foot massager, it Enhances the blood
  • 3 automatic reflexology programs to rejuvenate feet, calf & sole reflex points
  • Equipped with Shiatsu rolling massager for great efficiency
  • Low, medium & high Intensity massage modes
  • Adjustable angle for better stimulation
  • 5 star rated technology for low power consumption
  • Easy to clean, detachable fabric cover
  • Rated voltage – 110v-240v
  • Multi functional motorized rolling, kneading, heat- therapy massage programs for foot and calf, easily accessible in multiple leg positions with user friendly intensity controller mechanism.

8. Dr Physio Electric Massage Powerful Foot Massager

The Dr Physio Best Foot, Calf Massager For the Pain Relief. It is loaded with all the features, those are needed. Also it comes with the auto, manual and the warm modes with the adjustable massage speed and direction. For easy maintenance and the hygiene, its foot pockets have the removable cover which can be wash easily anytime, whenever needed.

This massager works excellently with the adjustable intensity. Moreover, this delivers a perfect combination of the shiatsu kneading massage, intensity and the rolling and using it daily for the 15 minutes a day gives you quick relief to paining and soring feet. You just need to plug in the power cord into a power outlet to turn it on to enjoy unstoppable the spa like feet massage session at the comfort of your home.

Things you will like :

  • 1. Superb combination of heat and air compression technology
  • 2. High quality performance.
  • 3. Provides deep kneading massage.
  • 4. Easy operation through control panel with LED light on the top of the massager.
  • 5. Auto or manual modes for customized massage.
  • 6. Simple touch button on panel.
  • 7. Covers areas feet, sole, toes, hand, arms, heels, calf and leg etc.
  • 8. Optimal comfort with flexible intensity

Features :

  • It delivers the shiatsu, kneading and the rolling massage with warming.
  • It is ideal choice for areas like feet, soles, hands and arms as eases the tensed muscles quickly. Also it relieves pain by improving the blood circulation.
  • It is equipped with the Auto, Warm and Manual controls. 4 auto modes can be chosen to select the intensity of the massage. The 3 speeds + 3 directions can be adjusted. Speed and Direction button works in manual mode by default
  • Motor is durable, stable and noiseless.
  • The massager machine runs stably, efficiently, and noiseless thanks to the high- quality motor. 
  • It delivers the gentle warming Comes with overheated protection.
  • Functionality can be control or customize easily through the LED control panel with simple touch button. After 15 min, it shuts off automatically
  • All family members can use it hygienically. The cover is detachable and also washable.

9. AGARO Amaze Foot Massager

The Amaze massager is crafted with a unique modern and the high end design which makes it is the perfect gift and idea for any of your loved ones. The massager uses kneading, Rolling and vibration therapy on the vital points of the legs and soles stimulating the positive effects of reflexology.

The vibration therapy massage provides relief from the pain while helping relax the tense muscle surrounding it. 3 Intensity Massage modes for Calf and Feet to ensure a perfect comfort for the different body types. The mild heat function helps in increasing the blood circulation, adding to the relaxation.

Types Of Massage :

  • Muscle Scraping Massage : Scrapes knotted muscles to help remove toxins or break up scar tissue.
  • Foot Side Massage : All round foot massage to relieve body aches and also pains.
  • Calf Massage : Enhances the blood circulations to calve and lowers blood pressure.
  • Back Calf Massage : Restore mobility and release tight nodules within muscles.

Features :

  • Comfortable tilt angle perfectly designed as per the body’s ergonomics
  • Removable & Washable foot sleeves I Side Handles to easily hold & carry
  • Kneading Pads along the calves & feet deliver a highly effective message
  • Also it includes Vibration therapy & Heating Function I Vibration & Heat can be used together or in isolation
  • Calf & Foot message Function with 3 intensity levels I Each Function can be used in isolation or combined
  • 15 minute Cycle with the Auto Shut Off
  • The Powerful rollers under the feet relieve the stress on tired soles and heels

10. Nekteck Foot Massager

Are you suffering from the foot muscle pain but don’t have time to go to a salon and spend your fortune? Or are you looking for some way to somehow relieve your pain just from the comfort of your home? So, Buy Nekteck Foot Massager – the perfect solution to relax your tense foot muscles and regulates blood flow!

It has the 6 massage heads with the 18 rotating massager nodes for the deep penetration of the muscles for a soothing and relaxing experience. Also it’s built with a heating function that can be manually turn on and off if not preferred to use.

This foot massager is easy to operate and also it’s portable to use with its built- in carry handle. Plus, you can adjust its height up to 3 levels at your convenience. So, you can enjoy a great foot massage right from the comfort of your home without ever having to wait for your turn at the salon and spending much.

Features :

  • This foot massager has the 6 massage heads with the 18 rotating massager nodes. Also it is amazingly relaxes muscles, ease tensions and regulates blood flow.
  • This massager has a heating function to help relieve pain on fatigued muscles and reduce foot pain.
  • It’s very safe to use. This function can be turned on and off manually if not preferred to use.
  • We make it more comfortable for you to use this foot massager with its adjustable height feature! So, it can be easily adjust up to 3 levels depending on your preference and convenience.
  • Plus, it has a built- in on- board cord storage and carry handle for your convenience.
  • This amazing massager is the one thing you need to ease tensions and relieve foot muscle pain.
  • It is perfect to use at home and in your office! So, get a good foot massage without spending a fortune in salon fees!

  • 10 Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 – Buying Guide, Prices
  • 10 Best Foot Massagers In India For 2021 – Buying Guide, Prices

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